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Triangle Smart Home and Commercial Drone Photography

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Triangle Smart Home is licensed and insured to safely and effectively handle your aerial photos and videos of Real Estate, Land, Construction Sites, Commercial Property, Developments, Sports Venues, Athletic Clubs, etc.

We use the latest technology from DJI with focus on high resolution photography and 4k video capability.

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Licensed and Insured commercial drone operations

Let your imagination and my skill and equipment bring your vision to life

Falls lake boat marina sample

video takes 30 seconds to start

Construction site project sample

video takes 30 seconds to start

Real estate sample

video takes about 30 seconds to start


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Front of home taken from DJI Drone footage.

Lake House backyard image

Construction Site: Top Down

Hiring Unlicensed Drone ‘Pilots’ Can Result In Penalties

“I had no idea!!” is what I usually hear when I mention this. They then say, “How do I know for sure a pilot is legal?”

Always Ask For:

  • 1) Ask to see the pilot’s FAA Remote Pilot Certificate (drone license), and whether they hold any other FAA licenses. If they are unlicensed, find another pilot.

  • 2) Ask the pilot for a Certificate of Insurance (COI). If the job is large, complex, or otherwise high risk.

  • 3) Ask the pilot whether he/she will require any Part 107 Waiver(s) to complete the job. These waivers include flights in controlled airspace, nighttime operations, operations over people, and several other restrictions. While the process is getting better, some waivers can still take up to 90+ days to get approved so it is important to know ahead of time if they will be necessary. (LAANC is speeding this up but is only available in some areas right now.)

  • 4) Ask the pilot about their safety and experience.  Have they ever had an incident on a job?  A good Drone Pilot should be able (and willing) to answer any safety-related questions you may have.