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Triangle Smart Home and Commercial Drone Photography

FAA Part 107 Licensed and Insured Drone Operator

Triangle Smart Home provides commercial quality aerial photography and videography services for residential and commercial operations.  (View my Portfolio)

  • Home Owner: Our services provide solutions for aerial photographs suitable for framing, safe roof inspections, damage assessments after a storm, for insurance, gatherings and parties, etc.
  • Commercial Operations: Video and Stills for Land, Surveys, Shopping Centers, Developments, Apartments, Real Estate, Parking Lots, Restaurants, even indoor aerial photos, etc.


Stills are 20mb and Videos are shot in 4k for the best quality available for use in brochures and printed materials, however for your convienence, your stills and videos are sized for posting to Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, Google, etc.).

Services We Offer

With 40 Years Managing Technology, Triangle Smart Home can help you.

Setting up your home's technology can be a daunting task to undertake.  Whether its a new house, you just moved in, or looking to add today's technology in your home, turning your home into a smart home with today's "gadgets" is time consuming and difficult.

Your house in your hand

Control your lights, security, cameras, music, etc. while sitting on the couch. Who's at the door? Ring will show.

Ring Doorbell

Who's at the door? Just pull out your phone and view the video and actually talk (or not) to your visitor

Your Smart TV

Your Smart TV has dozens of apps built-in. Did you know your tv goes thru a firmware upgrade from time to time. What's firmware? Ask Triangle Home Solutions. Have you ever programmed a username and password into your TV to watch Netflix? It is a lesson in dexterity.

Security Cameras

Wireless security cameras give you that at home peace of mind when you are not home. Check on the kids, the animals, who'se at the door. They alert you to a presence in that area and some even let you have a 2 way conversation.


Remote Garage Door Opener

Did I close the garage door? Now you know by looking at your phone. The status of all your garage doors is an app away. Close your garage door from the road? Yes you can! Open the garage door for someone to leave a package? Yes you can!

Ring Cameras

Not just doorbells with a camera but in any room in your house. Ring even makes outdoor cameras with spotlights. All battery operated and tied into your whole house internet system.

Smart Light Bulbs

Voice controlled light bulbs installed in your lamps can help you when you first walk into the house. "Alexa, turn on the family room light". Left the lamp on downstairs? Tell Alexa to turn it off.

Voice Light Switches

By removing an existing light switch and replacing with a smart light switch, anything connected to that switch can be switched off and on by voice alone.

Even More?

Android and IOS Devices

No matter your preference for tablet, Android or IOS, you are ready to upgrade to smart home tech.

Get your TV off the dresser

Tidy up the whole room and get your TV off its stand and place it on the wall.

Smart Thermostats

Control your heat and A/C from your phone. Smart Thermostats go beyond the simple adjust the setting. They actually monitor and learn your patterns of settings so they become smarter the more you use it.

Wireless Music

Your phones playlist can now be played in multiple rooms through your new wireless speakers

Take the worry out of your home's technology needs

User Guides? Installation Manuals? Bluetooth? Connectivity? Internet? WiFi? Let the pro's handle the tech letting you enjoy the smart home life

Voice Activated Lights


Whole House Music



Discover how much your life is enriched daily with technology

From music to TV setup to security to just plain convenience, Triangle Smart Home installs the latest technology and preps your android and IOS devices to use it. You enjoy the apps.